Our members often write to us after they have found a new role and below are shown recent selected examples of their comments about the services and support offered by Careers Springboard. Every year around 90-120 of our members find new work opportunities. The Careers Springboard reviews below are just an indication of the impact Careers Springboard volunteers and members have made during the job search process. Find out more about our job search services.

Praveen’s story

Praveen joined Careers Springboard just before the Covid pandemic started. He speaks of the benefits of the CV review service and the webinars.

Tom’s story

Tom discovered Careers Springboard through a friend. He shares his experience of the coaching, CV review service, coffee mornings and webinars.

“I have been lucky enough to secure my next role as a Financial Controller. Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement.  As advised, I will recommend your services as they are invaluable. I have been overwhelmed with peoples generosity with their time and tips/networking.”

– Michelle

“I have secured a new role with Standard Chartered Bank, which I start on Monday next week. Careers Springboard has been a great support, and a fantastic source of knowledge and skills to help with the job search. Being able to come together as a group and share issues, ideas and tips has been immensely beneficial. My sincere thanks to all of you at Careers Springboard.”

– Revinder

“I am running a German Media Company project team, so the work appeals, as again this is back in my most recent sphere of experience.”
A big thank you for the help and support provided . In the end I found this role through networking with one of my old contacts – It just took just over 6 months to come to fruition. I will not hesitate to recommend Careers Springboard to any and everybody that I meet.”
– Alan
“I want to say a thank you to everyone at Careers Springboard. I only attended a few sessions and used the interview coaching but invaluable support and guidance even if just to say there is not much wrong. I landed a interim job last September and a permanent role at the same organisation started in April. I would say when the person sat across from you in the interview is right the practise and confidence all fall into place and the job is yours. Practice, failures and loss of confidence are all part of the journey, and I had been there before, but I have always maintained that when the job and role is right all the preparation comes through but with integrity rather than a practised robot. Once again thanks to all who supported me and helped me to this place.”

– Mark

Although Graham only attended one session at Careers Springboard Gerrards Cross before he secured a role as Support / Helpdesk Manager at MCS Global Limited, he found it very useful and wants to thank everybody involved. Graham’s advice to all our members is “be patient”.

– Graham

I have bought a franchise in the in home (domiciliary care) sector. I am delighted and must thank you all in your support since I was using your service in September last year. Thank you all so much, it was a very useful experience being within the community of likeminded individuals”

– Giles

If you’ve used our services and have been successful in securing employment we’d love to hear from you. Email us with details, it’s great to share Careers Springboard reviews to help inspire other members.