Interview Service

Interviews are a vital part of job seeking but can be daunting. Practice helps you become more skilful and more confident before the all important interview. We offer confidential 1:1 mock interviews and feedback from an experienced coach. Video recording and playback of the interview practice can be arranged. We can also advise on telephone and video-based interviews such as Zoom interviews.

I received coaching in preparation for an interview for a specific senior role in a large multinational firm. The coach understood the role from personal experience of working with people in the position and had spent a considerable part of her career in multinational companies. The session was broken up into short cycles of exploring specific interview areas, followed by role play on these areas with questions very much as I would have to expect in the interview. In the actual interview, specific questions were almost identical to those I had practised in the coaching session.

Mock interviews help our members to:

  • Be more confident and articulate
  • Understand where further preparation will be most effective
  • Develop clear and positive answers to difficult questions
  • Sharpen their interview skills
  • Have more time to think and respond to the interviewer

To book an interview practice session email by clicking here