Coaching Service

I took advantage of Careers Springboard’s career coaching support to gain some clear thinking on the way I could help myself to stay focused and positive despite challenging job market conditions during the Covid-19 crisis. My strategy, although defined by my marketing abilities, was to target loyal customers (previous employers who I had worked for and working colleagues I had worked with). I believed that if they had witnessed my abilities at work positively they would helped me to promote my services to a third party. What Careers Springboard helped me to do is to prepare for networking sessions which lead in most cases to a formal interview. They also trained me to practice interviews something I realised quickly I had become rather rusty!

At Careers Springboard we offer coaching sessions with qualified coaches, experienced in career transition. These sessions can cover a wide range of topics but most focus on career coaching or post-redundancy planning or job searching skills and interview preparation.

Our coaching service is free to registered members and offers you the opportunity to work one on one with a qualified coach.

Coaching is a process

The Coach facilitates a one to one conversation with you which empowers you, as the expert in your life and work, to source solutions for yourself.  The Coach does not give the answers to the client.

During your coaching sessions you will be able to choose what issue you want to work on. This can be anything directly or indirectly related to your job search.

I used the Careers Springboard career coaching service to help me reflect and think about my current situation (becoming unemployed after a long period of working) and to consider what steps I could take going forward to find a new role. Whilst I already had some ideas on what I was looking for the benefit of a coaching service was to sound out ideas with someone who is entirely independent, is not constrained in their thinking and can pose questions to help the thought process. You have nothing to lose. The service is entirely free, confidential and I would recommend it as you might be surprised at how this can unblock your perceptions, beliefs and mental agility to find a new role

Coaching can help members to:

  • Improve self-confidence
  • Provide clarity of career direction, whether it’s a small shift or a substantial change
  • Identify key skills/strengths and achievements
  • Improve self-awareness
  • Find ways to handle the emotional side, including the highs and lows of job search, and the impact on your wider life
  • Unlock your potential

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