Tom’s story

Tom Townsend used the services of Gerrards Cross Careers Springboard Job Club and found it helpful in securing a new full-time role.

A friend and former member who is one of our regular Chairs, kindly introduced Tom to CSGX.

Right from the induction with Andy Low of CSGX, Tom remembered the advice he was given ‘to get stuck in with the group’ which he followed.

I want to say a really big thank you to everyone at Careers Springboard. There are so many wonderful people who generously give their time, advice and expertise and I want them to know how much it is appreciated. There is always a danger that when you start to name individuals that you run the risk of omitting someone, so I will try to avoid that pitfall! In addition to the Monday meetings, the Chesham coffee mornings have also been great and I highly recommend them. Aside from the Committee and the volunteers are the members who have provided mutual support, shared experiences and advice which has been invaluable. I have made many friends through Careers Springboard along the way, which is another unexpected bonus. I must also mention the services, from a gentle encouragement with my first attempt at an outstanding CV to the coaching session where I was really stuck on what path to pursue.

The services he found useful included:

  • The CV help early on in the job search, from Trustee John Pope, was really good especially using the STAR story technique to qualify and quantify achievements.
  • The one coaching session he attended was slick and because he didn’t know what to do next job wise, identifying action steps was helpful.
  • Checked-in regularly with the online Chesham Coffee morning. They provided friendship and advice was given on Tom’s LinkedIn profile by the Leader of the group Kevin Lynch. By offering mutual support they acted as each other’s sounding board. They were able to drill down to the detail from the Monday evening talks which was helpful. Tom said he didn’t have much of a network before he joined CSGX and the Chesham coffee group became one.
  • The CSGX talks provided powerful insight and sharing of knowledge. And each week the content flowed and reinforced the previous talks. Particularly useful were the presentations on networking, confidence, soft skills, job search skills about fit/ values/ culture. He recommended attending all the talks as they provide continuous learning and it’s a bit like a course bringing all the elements together.
  • The breakout groups were helpful in that sometimes he ‘bumped’ into people with the same transferrable skills.
  • Becoming familiar and comfortable with using Zoom.

Tom realised that there was a lot more to job search skills. The self-awareness regarding transferable skills was helpful for life. Unlocking potential and not putting oneself in a pigeon hole was his top tip. Plus understanding your own brand and the need to project this and overcome modesty and British reserve!