Preparing Your CV

Your C.V. is first and foremost a selling document.
Its purpose is to advertise and sell your particular talents and stimulate sufficient interest to get you that first interview.

Careers Springboard holds frequent meetings and discussions to help you with your C.V. Preparation and individual guidance by our specialists will be arranged.

General guidance

You will need to prepare varying versions of your C.V. so as to customise it and highlight differing aspects of your career and talents appropriate to each particular job application.

  • Use our Recommended CV Format  if you want us to comment on its content
  • Put your name at the top of each page. Be concise, factual and positive. Exaggeration can lead to embarrassing consequences.
  • Start with a brief personal profile. Then give your key skills, qualifications and relevant to the application.
  • Follow with significant achievements in your business career, e.g. profit improvement, product innovation and development, successful project completion etc.
  • Include only enough relevant information to interest the interviewer.
  • Use positive language and expressions, as listed in 101 Positive Words
  • List your previous jobs in reverse order, your last employer first. Include the nature of the business, the position held and broad dates of employment, avoiding gaps. The last few years are the most important.
  • List your personal details and major educational background at the end of the C.V.
  • Do not include salary expectations, or reasons for leaving previous jobs. These are all best dealt with during the interview as the responsibilities of the new job are revealed.
  • Print your C.V. on white paper and ensure that is free from spelling and grammatical errors.
  • The layout should ensure that the eye of the reader is drawn to the points that you want to emphasise.
  • Send it with a brief covering letter. Email if requested direct to the interviewer.