About our Member Services

It makes such a difference having the support of such an organisation. With the help ranging from how best to look for work to just feeling more positive and energised from the Monday meetings. – Henry M.

Who do we offer our job search services to?

We offer job search services to professionals who are in between jobs and may have experienced their role being made redundant, as well as new graduates wanting to find their first job.

What job search support do we offer?

We offer a programme of talks over a period of weeks about the whole job search process typically including identifying your transferable skills, developing your personal brand, writing a CV, job search preparation, the interview and handling difficult questions, communication skills, networking, working with recruiters.

Specialist CV Advice

We provide expert individual advice, including CV layout and how to present your keys skills and achievements.

Mock Interviews

Our experienced coaches provide mock interview sessions for Careers Springboard members. We ask that these sessions are booked in advance and that copies of the job advertisement, description, CV and Cover Letter are provided to allow proper preparation.

Benefits to you:

The interview will be geared to the actual interview, so will give you the opportunity to see how well you perform and practise responses to difficult questions. It will leave you more confident and better prepared.

If you haven’t got through to interview stage yet, it’s not too early to practice your technique. You can let us know which roles you’re applying for.

Career Coaching

We provide virtual coaching sessions to help you understand yourself and your goals, to help with the job transition process.


We have an arrangement to offer confidential counselling for members with qualified counsellors, via a local organisation, to help overcome issues we cannot support ourselves.

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