Make A New Start

Redundancy could give you an opportunity to take up an alternative career – perhaps doing something you have always wanted to do.

You might decide to start your own business.

Former members of Careers Springboard who have made such a change successfully, frequently speak at our meetings to give advice and share their experience.

So you can talk to, and learn from, former members who have changed their work pattern.

Have you considered using your experience and transferable skills by becoming an Interim Manager?

Organisations increasingly recognise the effectiveness and cost efficiency of Interim Managers.

Interim Managers are appointed to a temporary position in the management structure of an enterprise, either in a functional role or to undertake a specific short term project.

Unlike consultants, who gather information, process it and make recommendations, Interim Managers can share in the decision making process and are involved in implementation.

While Consultants recommend, Interim Managers can help make it happen.

Members who have become Interim Managers tell us that they enjoy the rewards the stimulation and the variety which this lifestyle brings