CV Service

Careers springboard at Gerrards Cross have a talented team and wealth of expertise to provide to executives who are seeking for a new challenge. I have used their services to help me and challenge my thought process on how to position myself on paper (CV and covering letter) against a job offer. I would without hesitation recommend this whole hearted organisation for having the dedication and courage to remarkably support people in I hope a one life time pandemic situation.

The right CV is one that catches the eye of the recruiter such that they follow-up with you. Capturing and presenting information about yourself in the most impactful way can be very difficult on your own. We offer a free confidential CV review and feedback service from a group of experienced CV reviewers. Please send us your CV in whatever format it is in and we can give you some feedback.

As part of our feedback we offer a suggestion to use our Recommended CV Format . This CV layout has been designed and tested over a number of years and is successful in presenting information to recruiters in a positive way. However, we’d much rather you sent us your existing CV for feedback rather than postponing and maybe not getting around to it.

Our CV review service helps members to:

  • Create an impactful CV
  • Present themselves in the most positive and helpful way to recruiters
  • Pull out from their experience the most salient and important points
  • Handle difficult periods of their career effectively
  • Understand fully their own key strengths, skills and experiences that employers are looking for

To book a CV review, email by clicking here