Gain support to secure a new job – Spring events

Start the new year with the support you need to help you secure a new job. Careers Springboard is a ...
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Ian Barber

Ian Barber’s Story

As part of Careers Springboard's 30th Anniversary celebrations we're sharing 30 stories of 30 members across our website, Facebook, LinkedIn ...
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mental health awareness week

How To Improve Mental Health

Good mental health is a key influence on finding and remaining in a job. However, unemployment has a detrimental impact ...
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morning habits

Morning habits: Start your day in the right way to get the best results

One of our speakers Alison O'Dornan, a high performance coach and NLP practitioner, shares why great morning habits are so ...
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virtual networking advice

Virtual Networking Advice – To Help You Secure Your Next Job

Virtual networking has become the norm for most of us over the past few months and it looks like it's ...
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brew monday

Have A Brew Monday With Careers Springboard

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that staying connected with those around us is essential for our wellbeing. That’s ...
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losing job

How To Deal With Losing Your Job

Whether you've been made redundant, or lost your job for any other reason unemployment can be difficult to handle. The ...
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Mock Interview

What Are The Benefits Of A Mock Interview?

Does the thought of an interview make you anxious? Do you struggle to think clearly when you're nervous? When you're ...
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What Jobseekers Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is being used to automate parts of the recruitment process making it more efficient. Algorithms can filter and ...
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pre-recorded interviews

How To Prepare For Pre-Recorded Interviews

The use of pre-recorded interviews as part of the recruitment process is increasing. Lots of people don't like seeing themselves ...
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target companies

How To Create Your Top 10 List Of Target Companies

Do you have a list of target companies that you'd like to work for? When you attend Careers Springboard webinars ...
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young professionals

9 Ways to Secure Your Graduate Job

Are you looking for a graduate job? If you've recently graduated you might be feeling anxious about how Covid19 might ...
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Getting The Best Out Of Working With Recruiters

You’ve started your job search and you’re positive about your next steps. You’re the perfect match for a number of ...
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applicant tracking systems

How To Beat Applicant Tracking Systems

In today's digital world companies can source candidates via job websites, recruiters, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. All these ...
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virtual interviews

10 Top Tips To Be At Your Best In Virtual Interviews

In the current climate virtual interviews have become the norm, so it's vital that you know how to be at ...
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