Advice to All Members

Careers Springboard was formed for jobseekers like you. The volunteer organisers and the other members have all been involved with redundancy so you will meet people who understand your feelings and needs.

Our members who are the most successful with their job search are those who make full use of our unique one-to-one services which are free to registered Careers Springboard members and which cover :

Careers Springboard has volunteer specialists with skills in all these areas. They are ready to help. Most one-to-one meetings take place on Monday evenings at Gerrards Cross. (All services are currently being provided virtually due to Coronavirus.)

In order to utilise these valuable services, consult your Introduction Pack or check at a Monday evening meeting or ask a volunteer/committee member.

  • There is no longer any stigma attached to redundancy or job seeking as it has become so widespread. Our membership reflects the magnitude of the problem.
  • If you are a graduate, please use our 1-2-1 coaches to help you address your job seeking circumstances.
  • You now have time to think laterally about increasing your skills or about alternative careers. This could be the opportunity to do something different – something that you have always wanted to do.
  • The search for a new career is a full time job and you will have to work hard at it. You will need to manage your time with discipline and single mindedness.
  • Re-assess your family budget and discuss your new circumstances with your bank if necessary.
  • Check your pension position and redundancy benefits. Ensure that you are receiving all your entitlements.
  • Discuss the situation frankly and honestly with your partner. Keep your family and friends informed of your progress since you need their advice, support and affection.
  • Revise your CV with our help to ensure that it is accurate, concise and an effective selling document.
  • Take full advantage of our programme of meetings on getting interviews, telephone techniques, selling yourself, job search on the internet etc. Individual counselling can also be arranged.
  • Ensure you have a dynamic profile and contact details on Linkedin.
  • Start networking through your old business contacts, friends and prospects.
  • Thoroughly prepare before any interview. Do your homework on the company and its activities. Be prepared to sell yourself with confidence and to deal with hostile questioning.
  • Take regular exercise, maintain a good diet, and do not neglect your personal appearance.
  • Remember – bitterness over past events is counter-productive. Always try to be positive. Look forward, and be persistent.

Opportunities do exist, as many former members of Careers Springboard have proved.