Why volunteer at Careers Springboard?

I chose to volunteer at Careers Springboard Gerrards Cross as I have seen the impact that unemployment can have on people’s lives. Careers Springboard is a fantastic charity. It’s really welcoming and supportive. I wanted to be a part of that, helping others to overcome challenges.

Many volunteers have experienced redundancy and have coped with, and subsequently turned to their advantage, the necessary readjustments to their careers and lifestyles. Their motivation is a desire to pass on the lessons they have learnt. They aim to help members to minimise the distress caused by the unexpected loss of a job as well as to maximise the chances of a truly advantageous choice of a new role, be it employed or voluntary.

Careers Springboard’s volunteers encompass a wide variety of managerial and professional roles, having worked for a broad range of organisations or in some cases having been self-employed. Within the group there are graduates and non-graduates, retired and working, people with business experience and others from the public sector.

To this end they have created and operate a voluntary organisation that not only provides knowledge, ideas, coaching and tutoring but also opportunities to network both face-to-face and online. The volunteers themselves often mention how being involved in Careers Springboard is an excellent way to build new skills and expand connections.

How can I get involved with Careers Springboard Gerrards Cross?

We currently have vacancies for the following voluntary positions.
For more details go to our page at Reach Volunteering

  • Coaching Coordinator
    This role is not on Reach click the link for details.
  • Social Media Lead
  • IT Support
  • WordPress Implementer
  • Grant Seeker/Fundraising support
  • Vice Chair Person
  • Linkedin Specialist

If you are interested in volunteering for these positions please apply via the Reach website using the link above. If these aren’t the right positions for you, but you have other skills which you could volunteer please get in touch.

You can find out more about volunteering at Careers Springboard by downloading our Volunteer Handbook. Click on the image below. 

Thanks to Abigail Leech for creating the handbook for us.

Volunteer handbook