Morning habits: Start your day in the right way to get the best results

Morning habits: Start your day in the right way to get the best results

One of our speakers Alison O’Dornan, a high performance coach and NLP practitioner, shares why great morning habits are so important.

If there was one piece of advice you’d give to people trying to adapt and thrive even, in this time of unexpected change, what would that be?

The way you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. Exceptional results and happy lives are the result of consistent daily choices and nowhere is this more apparent than in your morning routine! Even in the situation you find yourself in right now, there is a choice. I read a post on Linked-in just yesterday from a friend who had just lost his job. It was about how he remembered his father losing his job many years ago, and thinking it strange that his dad still got up every morning at 6am and dressed in his suit. He did this, not because he was pretending to himself or his family, but because he understood the importance of how he saw himself, how he visualised his future and how he felt deep down in his heart. He understood the importance of the small actions, of the routines and the morning habits he implemented each day.

What you do each morning is an indicator of how you will approach the entire day – and thus also your entire life.

Do you know those days when you just don’t seem to be able to get your act together?

You skip the shower, or your morning exercise routine. Prioritise checking the news, turn on social media, read an “important” article, tidy up a little, answer some emails, and before you know it, half of the day is gone. Now, you are too busy being angry with yourself, wallowing in guilt to get anything done. Then you become even more angry about being angry and so on… Once this negative feedback loop is initiated, it becomes increasingly difficult to stop it and get back on track that very same day….

The most effective way to avoid that problem altogether is a fixed morning routine because it gives your day a structure right from the start.

Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use. – EARL NIGHTINGALE –

Adhering to a daily regimented morning routine reduces measurable stress parameters for the rest of the day and at the same time serves as a long-term benefit for your well-being.

Three of my morning habits, which I recommend to clients:

  1. Setting your mindset – for me this involves listening to some Isochronic meditative music, and then spending up to 5 mins visualising 3 things I want to get done that day that will make me feel good by bed time..
  2. Physical Movement. – I love an app called Seven, it’s a seven minute HIIT routine that really does only take seven minutes, it leaves you with your heart pumping, your endorphins flowing and a sense of achievement before you have even started your day.
  3. A cold shower – yup I did say that. Although before you now dismiss everything else I have said and label me as a ‘freak’. I am not hardcore, I do have a hot shower first, but then I gradually turn it down until it is on full cold. I start with it on my chest, then put my face in and then my whole head under. It is reputed to improve the way you manage stress, it makes you feel refreshed, gives you even more of those great endorphins and as an added bonus you will never leave the shower desperately hunting for your towel because you are freezing again!

Is this easy? Yes.

Can anyone do this? Yes.

Will everyone do this? No

You can connect with Alison O’Dornan via LinkedIn.

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