What Are The Benefits Of A Mock Interview?

What Are The Benefits Of A Mock Interview?

Does the thought of an interview make you anxious? Do you struggle to think clearly when you’re nervous? When you’re nervous your amygdala (the part of your brain which helps control your emotions) sends a warning signal. This prompts a release of cortisol and adrenaline, increasing your heart rate and blood pressure. If you want to run out of the interview this is really useful. But it’s not so useful if you want to be able to think clearly about your answers! So how can we help? Keep reading to find out the benefits of a mock interview.

What are mock interview benefits?

Helps you to reduce your stress and anxiety

  • A mock interview helps you to answer typical interview questions, so you’re not caught out on the day, struggling to think of a suitable response. It gives you an opportunity to test out your answers and gain feedback.

Boosts your confidence

  • Our coaches are able to point out your strengths, giving you confidence which you can take with you to the actual interview.

Provides you with constructive feedback

  • A mock interview helps you to work on areas where you may have weaknesses. Our coaches are there to support you in moving forward to help you secure your ideal role.

Practice key interview skills

  • One of the most important interview skills is listening carefully to the question. In a mock interview if you go off tangent our coaches are there to guide you. They can explain the key elements of a model answer for that question.
  • Coaches are trained to notice body language and to pick up on what is not being said. Over 70% of communication is via body language and often we don’t realise what we’re doing, particularly when we’re nervous. So the coach can tell you whether you’re coming across as enthusiastic and confident in your responses. Just by taking some deep breaths beforehand or sitting differently it can make a real difference.
  • All our services are being provided virtually. It’s quite likely that your actual interview will be virtual, so it’s great practice. The coach can advise you on whether your lighting, environment and camera angle is right. All of these aspects are key in presenting yourself effectively.

So what are the cons of a mock interview

You need to prepare

  • Yes it’s best if you put in some effort but you need to prepare for the interview anyway, so it’s not wasted time. By preparing you’ll get the best from your session.

It takes time

  • I would argue that a mock interview actually gives you time as it helps you to focus on the key areas which you need to develop further before your actual interview.

It’s nerve-wracking. What if I don’t know the answers?!

  • Our mock interviews are run by supportive, skilled volunteers who have held many interviews in their careers. The purpose of the mock interview is to give you practice responding to questions which you may not know the answers to. They want you to do well in your actual interview, so they are there to guide you.


In summary, mock interview benefits far outweigh the cons. You have a great range of skills that you’ve developed throughout your life and you want to articulate these confidently to a recruiting manager. We can help you to do that.

As a Careers Springboard member you can book free mock interviews. You don’t need to wait until you have an actual interview scheduled. If you know what type of role you’re interested in we can interview you on that basis.

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