What Jobseekers Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence

What Jobseekers Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is being used to automate parts of the recruitment process making it more efficient. Algorithms can filter and rank candidates in a fraction of the time it would take a human. This frees up recruiting manager time for the final interview stages. It also allows them to engage with a wider talent pool. So what do jobseekers need to know about artificial intelligence?

How is artificial intelligence used in recruitment?


Chatbots ask you a series of questions. The artificial intelligence interprets jobseekers’ responses and questions about the role. You’ll often see chatbots on the recruitment pages of company websites. They can help you determine whether a role is worth applying for.


AI searches through databases to source candidates. Based on the job requirements, artificial intelligent applicant tracking systems select the strongest matches. They analyse each candidate’s skills, education, location etc. If you tailor your CV you don’t need to be nervous of applicant tracking systems. We’ve shared some tips to help you: ‘How To Beat Applicant Tracking Systems’.

Interview scheduling

Interview scheduling software can automate the process of matching recruiter and candidate availability. This can speed up the process for you as a candidate.

Video interviews

Pre-recorded interview platforms sometimes use artificial intelligence. The AI analyses how your response fits with hiring criteria. In some cases the AI can also review the type of words used to determine your personality traits, for instance; openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. Some AI relies on facial-scanning or vocal-inflection algorithms to assess emotion. However, this can cause problems as different cultures express emotion in different ways.

As with any interview it’s important that you’re fully prepared. There are a few other points to consider with pre-recorded interviews. Therefore we’ve shared some tips in our blog post: ‘How To Prepare For Pre-Recorded Interviews.’

Reviewing previous applicants

Previously the job of scouring past CV’s kept on record, for matches, deterred most companies. Your chances of being called back for an interview are now higher. AI can quickly search a company’s database for suitable candidates.

How can jobseekers win against artificial intelligence?

Don’t see artificial intelligence as an enemy. Recruitment can be a lengthily process for candidates, causing frustration and anxiety. However, artificial intelligence is speeding up the process.

At Careers Springboard we can support you to tailor your CV for the role you’re applying for. In addition, we offer coaching and mock interviews, which can help build your confidence.